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Material Witness

Lecture by Susan Schuppli

MFA Lecture Series: Circulation and Withdrawal, Goldsmiths

Time:  to be confirmed


The Monday night lecture series continues January-March 2013 with a series of lectures on the theme of ‘circulation and withdrawal’.

This lecture series examines contemporary attempts to evade, multiply or circumnavigate issues of authorship and individual possession in contemporary art and curating. How might the free circulation, the digital dispersal, the digital commons or the complete withdrawal from the art image and object act as an economic and aesthetic affront to private ownership as the fate of art? Should the artwork be dispersed into networks though which information circulates, or does it come into its own by withdrawing from circulation? How might such processes of withdrawal be exhibited? What would a shift from representation to circulation entail for  aesthetic and political practices? Is the prevailing economy challenged more by the commons and collective authorship, or by the un-common, the secret, and the right not to belong and participate?