RT4 – Devil’s Advocates


Centre for Research Architecture
8 Lewisham Way
SE14 6nW
United Kingdom

Roundtable Seminar 4

Devil’s Advocates

Current conflicts over territory and resources bring to the fore the importance of spatial and material evidence to the resolution of legal and political disputes. The seminar Devils Advocate in CRA sets out to interrogate such presentation of evidence in diverse and often contradictory political and legal forums. Its goal is to think the articulation of expert evidence and documentation with legal advocacy, towards a pragmatics of intervention through law, while at the same time questioning the limits of law itself as a political tool. Focusing recent  constitutional debates in South America and the territorial conflict between Israel and Palestine, this two days seminar will inquiry the multiple interceptions of law and territory, from both pragmatic and transformative political perspectives.

Seminar conceived and organised by Godofredo Pereira

Full schedule, readings and participants’ bios here