Sensing the Remote

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Sensing the Remote:

Workshop with Territorial Agency (John Palmesino & Ann-Sofi Rönnskog)

Part 2 of a series of workshop on satellites, human rights and the law.


Imaging and measuring of transformation in the inhabited territories are today undergoing fundamental changes. An array of new sensing technologies are being linked to the control, survey and monitoring of a world that is undergoing vast juridical, economic, urban, environmental and material reconfigurations. New images are produced automatically to document and intercept global migration, to survey effects of climate change, to patrol sea routes, to control public spaces, to measure the efficacy of public policy, to detect environmental conditions, to communicate complex datasets and to monitor life.

How can architecture re-imagine the form of transformation of contemporary territories from the remote sensing technologies that dominate our automated image-production landscapes?


Territorial Agency, founded by architects and urbanists John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog in 2007, is an independent organisation that innovatively promotes and works for sustainable and integrated territorial transformations. Their practice combines architecture, analysis, advocacy and action, and often brings together multiple stakeholders from international organisations, to local, national governments and private actors. Amongst their projects is NORTH, a multidisciplinary research into the shifting geopolitical conditions of the Arctic and Subarctic regions, which focuses on the relation between political, spatial and territorial dimensions of the changing environments in the High North. Territorial Agency has further designed, for example, the first integrated vision of the Markermeer addressing the changing dynamics of the Netherlands’ fift largest polder and its surroundings.