(Image: Steffen Krämer, “Placing Immunity” 2012)

Members of the Centre for Research Architecture organize a roundtable discussion at dOCUMENTA(13) in Kassel, Germany.

On July 31, 2012, members of the Centre for Research Architecture will present work generated during the MA in Research Architecture program at Goldsmiths, University of London. Selections of projects by Eva Dietrich, Irmelin Joelson, Helene Kazan, Steffen Krämer, Hannah Meszaros-Martin, Daniel Fernández Pascual, and Corinne Quin will be discussed in a forum moderated by Chris Molinski.

This forum takes place in collaboration with “Winning Hearts and Minds,” one of two projects by Critical Art Ensemble at dOCUMENTA(13), in a house at the far end of the Hauptbahnhof (close to the railway tracks).

Since it was established in 1955, documenta has evolved to become one of the most important international exhibitions of contemporary art.
The exhibition takes place every five years, and runs for 100 days, involving more than 300 participants and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to Kassel.

The MA in Research Architecture program brings together a multidisciplinary mix of architects and spatial practitioners at Goldsmiths, University of London, for a year-long program of theoretical inquiry. Drawing on the vocabularies of urbanism, architecture, art, media, politics, and philosophy, the centre uses spatial practice as an open-ended form of research.

To learn more about the project, or to get directions or documentation of presentations, please contact Chris Molinski at


We caught up with Chris Molinski, MA Research Architecture, ahead of the event…

How did the opportunity to present at dOCUMENTA come about?

Our opportunity to present at dOCUMENTA came about as a result of the group Critical Art Ensemble, who are hosting an open forum called “Winning Hearts and Minds” over the course of 100 days, as one of two projects they produced for the exhibition.

Critical Art Ensemble sent out an open call for participants (they are hosting a different presentation each day) and we were able to reserve space in the presentation schedule. The Centre’s focus falls directly in line with the work that Critical Art Ensemble promotes, especially how Research Architecture addresses issues of political ecologies, conflict and human rights, so they were excited by our proposal and welcomed us to use their space.

What will you and your cohort be presenting on?

Students from MA Research Architecture will take the opportunity to present parts of MA projects that each student has been pursuing over the course of the school year. The Research Architecture course is structured as a year-long investigation where students are free to create their projects in any way. The Centre meets each week to discuss these projects in a roundtable forum, a literal round table at Goldsmiths, but the format has often been transported outside of Goldsmiths to become part of temporary site-visits and events. We are temporarily transporting the roundtable format to dOCUMENTA, where several of the MA students will meet to discuss their MA projects.

We expect to have a wide range of presentations: Steffen Krämer will be presenting selections from his project “Placing Immunity” and Daniel Fernandez Pascual will be making a geopolitical gazpacho.

What aspect of the event are you most looking forward to?

It’s truly remarkable what Critical Art Ensemble has enabled by opening up their project for this kind of participation. I’m really looking forward to seeing the other projects and starting a conversation about our work. We are honoured to be part of such an open, experimental forum, and I think we are all just looking forward to being in Kassel and taking the opportunity spend time at dOCUMENTA.