Post-Traumatic Urbanism

[PDF] Weizman, Tavares, Schuppli and Situ Studio – Forensic Architecture

Post-Traumatic Urbanism, guest-edited by University of Technology Sydney colleagues Adrian Lahoud, Charles Rice and Anthony Burke, explores the response of architects and urban planners to these cataclysmic events.


Blasted buildings and bombed apartment blocks, tsunamis, tornadoes and typhoons highlight “cities in trauma” in our daily news. Urban spaces bear the bruises and scars of these disasters. How are the reverberations of trauma to be understood in urban terms? While repair and reconstruction are necessary reflexes, architects need a deeper understanding of the effect of trauma on cities and their communities. Should they restore and recover the lost, or see the post-traumatic city as a space of new possibilities? The post-traumatic is no longer the exception; it is the global condition.