Savage Objects

Savage Objects is part of the project Objectology – a wide research on the emergence of non-human actors within a pos-humanist thought. By framing this renewed interest not only within academic discourse, but also within object-research in fields ranging from legal forums, territorial narratives and artistic practices, speculation about objects and things becomes a discussion about conflicting ecologies of thought.


Martin Holbraad Things as Concepts: Anthropology and Pragmatology

Graham Harman On the Supposed Societies of Chemicals, Atoms and Stars in Gabriel Tarde

João Maria Gusmão Soliloquy, A Dwarf in the Stratosphere

Bjørnar Olsen The Return of Things and the Savagery of the Archaelogical Object

Eyal Weizman In Excess of Calculations

Reza Negarestani A Vertiginous Enlightenment (JWST and telescopic view of the object)

Susan Schuppli Impure Matter: A Forensics of WTC Dust 

Jonathan Saldanha Vibrational Mediations

Regina de Miguel An Effect of Verosimilitude

Michael Taussig Bodily Unconscious

Marcello Maggi The Tower and Its Ghost: A Cosmopolitical Narrative from Botswana

Ayesha Hameed The Petrification of the Image 

Paulo Tavares On the Earth-Object

Godofredo Pereira Underground 

This project started taking shape in early 2010 after a cycle of seminars and performances by the name of Urban Totemism organized by SOOPA in Porto, and was particularly informed by the discussions that took place within the colective residency Terror of the Object, in April 2011, organized by DETRITOS as part of Ghost, a residency in Atelier Real, Lisboa. From these encounters and collaborations the idea of bringing together some of the exciting contemporary research into objects and things begun to emerge, and ultimately became the project Objectology, within Guimarães – European Capital of Culture 2012. Objectology consists of the production of a book edited in both Portuguese and English, around the idea of material resistance entitled Savage Obejcts; and of a seminar, Objects, Practices and Territories, focusing the role of non-human agents within legal and political forums.

Savage Objects is part of the project Objectology, edited by Godofredo Pereira, Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, 2012.