Video Chamber


At the Legal Media colloquium I addressed my installation World Rehearsal Court (2009) which uses a seven channel trial scene as well as several live computer choreographed cameras, monitors and an installation of objects and photographs, to engage with the legal trail, testimony, technology and experience. Further I had prepared a text excerpt from “Video Chamber” an essay since published in “A Thousand Eyes: Media, Technology, Law, and Aesthetics” Eds. Marit Paasche and Judy Radul, Sternberg Press, 2011. The excerpt moves from a discussion of theatre, and the court as “geometric” sealed spaces which the introduction of video’s dead eye geometrics further complicates. Cornelia Vismann’s writing on how video in the court room functions to deemphasize the traditional theatrical aspects of the trial, and turn the legal “play” based on testimony, into a “replay” of where the video image overrides the script, is central. Seeking a parallel in earlier moments of inside-outside uncertainty Tom Gunning’s considerations of 19th century bourgeoisie interiors fractured by social changes echoed in optical incursions into that space are referred to. The question of how video brings an exterior time/image in to the court is further pursued through Vismann and Gunning.  

Text produced in the context of the Legal Media Colloquium

in Honour of Cornelia Vismann, June 11 2011