Earth Objects & the Politics of Ecology

21 January 2012

Barbican Art Gallery, London

An open roundtable discussion with members of the Centre for Research Architecture

Special guests: Graham Harman and Noortje Marres


With the intensified speed of capitalist production acting as a force multiplier in reformatting the biosphere, nature responds as a terrifying, dark agent – blackening earth and sky. Its effects on human and non-human populations are at the same time legal-scientific, military-humanitarian and ethico-political. Geo-philosophic speculation and forensics investigation into the deep history of the earth is perhaps the only way to bring to the foreground the complexity of this new natural-political assemblage where the separations between humans and environment, culture and nature, the anthropological and the geological are no longer stable.

As part of its salon event for the OMA/Progress exhibition at the Barbican, the Centre for Research Architecture (CRA) invites the philosopher Graham Harman to respond to the open archive of CRA members and engage in an open roundtable discussion with the public. Presentations by Nabil Ahmed, Paulo Tavares, Eyal Weizman, Susan Schuppli and CRA members.