Earth Objects, Jurisdictions, Topologies, Experiments

Introductory lecture  ” Topological Experiments in the Folds of Concurrent Jurisdictions” by Susan Kelly

Performance Lecture by Nabil Ahmed & Susan Schuppli

Künstlerhaus Büchenhausen, Innsbruck

March 19 2012

The Neuschwanstein meteorite fell to Earth on 6 April 2002 at 22:20:18 GMT about 10 km east-northeast of Innsbruck. The original meteorite burst into several fragments at a height of about 22 kilometers above the ground. The fragments descended on an area of several square kilometers. Three fragments were recovered with a total mass of about six kilograms. Neuschwanstein was the first meteorite in Germany, and the fourth in the world, that was monitored by one of the world’s fireball networks, namely by the European Fireball Network

Arsenic contamination (Nabil)

Radiation contamination photo from Susan Schuppli’s presentation

Video still of a forthcoming event